Nuclear calculation engineer

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ENISE (2005)

National Engineering School of Saint-Etienne (ENISE)

Specialty : Vision systems.

ESPN N1 (2015)

Design review of nuclear equipment N1.

C-NUC-R (2015)

Conformity assessment of nuclear valves.


As a specialist nuclear calculation engineer with 10 years of experience, I have acquired during my various experiences skills in dimensioning calculations and in the manufacture of special machines in the field of nuclear pressure equipment and rotating machines.

I'm looking for calculation engineer positions with a strong IT component (R&D, Scientific computing, Programming, Big data, ...).

I have a particular interest in functional programming and more particularly for the Haskell programming language with which I develop applications dedicated to engineering.

I wish to implement these skills in the field of industry or research

Personal works

Writing of a glossary of technical terms in English / French (available on
Development of an index generator for LaTeX (available on Gitlab).
Development of a marking language prototype dedicated to engineering.
Development of a software for validation of analytical formulas.
Development of several calculation programs in the nuclear field.


C / C++






Catia v4




EN 13445

Programming engineer


Mission at EDF (UNIE) (UNité d'Ingénierie d'Exploitation)
Lyon 6 months

Achievements :

Implementation of a solution for automatic generation of calculation notes :

  • Comparative study between Pandoc and Sphinx.

  • Comparative study between MarkDown and ReST marking languages.

  • Feature comparison:

    • Management of tables.

    • Management of internal references.

  • Programming of data processing functions in Python..

  • Development in accordance with the PEP8 standard.

Results :

Development of the document generator.

Development of an alternative marking language dedicated to technical documentation.

Python Pandoc ReST MarkDown Sphinx GIT Documentation PEP8

Nuclear specialist engineer


Brignais 3 years

Achievements :

Examination of calculation notes for level 1 valves (Primary Main Circuit) :

  • Examination of analytical and finite element calculation notes from different manufacturers (Velan, Sempell, General Electric, Dresser, ...).

  • Validation of input data (pressures, temperatures, transients, ...).

  • Validation of calculation hypotheses (formulas, material characteristics, criteria, meshing, ...).

  • Verification of results with counter-calculations (Analytical and Finite Elements).

  • Verification of compliance with the requirements of the RCC-M and the ESPN decree.

  • Writing of expert reports transmitted to the manufacturer and to the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN.

Review of regulatory documentation :

  • Inspection notes (Verification of inspectable areas according to plans).

  • Instruction manuals (Validation of instructions for assembly, use, maintenance, ...).

  • Dimensions necessary to meet the requirements.

Other :

  • Creation of analytic calculation spreadsheet.

  • Inspection visits and meetings with the manufacturers.

Results :

50 new reports and 190 reports updates.

DESP ESPN ASN Valves Pipe EPR RCC-M Sempell Velan Weir Fatigue Bureau Veritas ANSYS Calculation

Calculation engineer


Mission at the CEA
Cadarache 6 months

Achievements :

Design calculations for a high temperature test bench :

  • Model creation with ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS Classic (APDL).

  • Documentation research on the materials to be used.

  • Elasto-plastic thermo-mechanical calculations with different designs (thicknesses, lengths, clamping ...).

  • Plastic stress and strain analysis according to te RCC-MRx criteria.

  • Work in collaboration with the design office (Presentations, progress meetings, ... ).

  • Writing of the dimensioning note.

Results :

Design of the test bench validated by the team.

CEA Ansys Ansys Workbench RCC-MRx Nuclear APDL

Calculation engineer

SOM Calcul

SOM office
Villeurbanne 2 months

Achievements :

Calculations of ventilation duct supports for TUNZINI (EPR Flamanville):

  • Creation of beam models with ROBOT.

  • Verification of the resistance of the different elements (beams, bolts, ...) to an earthquake with ROBOT.

Certification of tools for EDF :

  • Creation and modification of APDL models with ANSYS Classic.

  • Search for the maximum payload for each tool.

Results :

Validation of several supports for Tunzini.

Validation of several tools for EDF.

Nuclear EDF APDL Robot Ansys APDL Sismic supports

Calculation engineer

SOM Calcul

Mission at AREVA NP (Lyon)
Lyon 4 months

Achievements :

Calculation of a vessel section of a fast neutron reactor :

  • Meshing of the section with Visual-Mesh based on the volumic model.

  • Thermo-mechanical calculations of several loading configurations with Systus

  • Analysis with AREVA NP's specific tools.

Results :

Validation of the vessel section design.

Systus Visual-Mesh Ansys Workbench RCC-M RCC-MRx Fatigue Thermo-mecanic FNR Astrid

Calculation manager


Mission at GENERAL ELECTRIC (Belfort)
Belfort 5 months

Achievements :

Calculations on the shaft line part of gas turbines :

  • Verification of critical speeds and compliance with the General Electric design rules.

  • Calculation of the response of the shaft line subjected to unbalances (normal and accidental situations).

  • Conversion of a turbine model from SAMCEF to ANSYS and validation of the new model.

Business follow-up :

  • Follow-up of cases in progress, workload forecasting.

  • Management of documents in databases.

Results :

Validation of several shaft line configurations.

SAMCEF Model successfully converted to ANSYS

Ansys APDL Rotating Machines Alternators Samcef ENOVIA

Calculation engineer


Belfort 13 months

Achievements :

Studies of alternators for hydraulic power plants:

  • Realization of parameterized shell models of different components with ANSYS (Frame, cross braces,...).

  • Realization of calculations in substructuring (Several inter-connected components).

  • Calculations with different loading cases (Stop, normal operation, runaway...).

  • Modal analysis to check the critical modes and critical speeds of the shaft line.

  • Writing of the associated calculation notes.

Validation of the revamping of bulb groups for CNR :

  • Realization of shell and volume models with ANSYS.

  • Verification of the constraints in the structure.

  • Verification of the forces transmitted to the links with contact management between components.

Analytical calculations of some functions :

  • Lubrication of the bearings.

  • Setting up calculations on spreadsheets.

Results :

Dimensioning of several alternators.

Research study for ALSTOM POWER SERVICE successfully completed.

Validation of repairs on bulb groups.

Ansys APDL Rotating Machines Alternators

Calculation Engineer


Alyotech office
Vénissieux 5 months

Achievements :

Verification of a special machine for the manufacture of EPR reactors for NFM :

  • Modeling of the machine with ANSYS Workbench.

  • Global calculation in different positions with a coarse mesh.

  • Study of the linkages efforts between the different components.

  • Local calculations on the different components with a fine mesh.

  • Verification of the static and fatigue strength of the structure.

Seismic analysis of a busduct (high voltage electrical conductor) for SIEMENS :

  • Busduct modeling with ANSYS.

  • Spectral calculations according to a specific response spectrum.

  • Verification of the holding of the structure.

Results :

Validation of the rotating machine.

Validation of the busduct.

Ansys APDL Ansys Workbench NFM SIEMENS Fatigue Substructuring

Calculation Engineerl


Mission at AREVA NP :
Chalon-Sur-Saône 9 months

Achievements :

Verification calculations on nuclear components for the Flamanville EPR reactor :

  • Calculations on different sections of the pressurizer and steam generators (Exhaust manifolds, holes, supports, ...).

  • Verification in accordance with the RCC-M design rules.

  • Thermal analysis and verification of deformation by thermal ratchet.

  • Taking into account the different conditions that the components undergo during their lifetime.

  • Verification of the fatigue strength of each section.

  • Writing of the behaviour analysis report transmitted to the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).

  • Rédaction du Dossier d’Analyse du Comportement (DAC) transmis à l'Autorité de Sureté Nucléaire (ASN).

Results :

Realisation of calculations and behaviour study concerning :

  • The exhaust manifolds of the pressurizer.

  • Lateral fasteners for steam generators.

RCC-M Systus Sysnuke Visual-Mesh Linux EPR Pressurizer Thermomecanic Fatigue Report ASN

Process Engineer


Mission at SIEMENS VAI
Montbrison 18 months

Achievements :

Follow-up of manufacturing and assembly of rolling mills, hydraulic presses,… :

  • Writing of manufacturing programs.

  • Preparation of the tasks to be carried out and control points.

  • Control and update of bills of materials on the production software.

  • Planning of heat treatments and controls according to the drawings.

  • Management of in-process anomalies.

Tool designing :

  • Design of tools for assembly and handling.

  • Design of machining fixtures for large parts.

  • Design of control templates.

Results :

Implementation of machining fixture for large parts machining.

Follow-up of the manufacturing of several machines :

  • DSR (Dynamic Shape Roll).

  • Flattening machines.

  • Hydraulic presses (Michelin).

  • Spare parts.

Autocad Solidedge Octal Laminoir Outillage Fabrication Machines spéciales Presse hydraulique Méthode

Calculation engineer

ESI France

ESI office
Lyon 14 months

Achievements :

Verification of the impact resistance of Vertical Launch Modules (VLM) for ASTER and MICA missiles :

  • Vibratory analysis of VLM.

  • Study of forced oscillation behavior with contact management.

  • Creation and modification of meshes with Visual-Mesh.

  • Writing of expert reports.

Other studies :

  • Verification of the holding power of fastener flanges.

  • Verification of the tightness of pipes connections.

Results :

Successful VLM calculations with several loads and shocks configurations

Systus Visual-Mesh DCN Dynamics Meshing Choc VLM ASTER MICA